Information systems continuity tools and methods
High availability, disaster tolerance and computer aided management of crisis situations which affect technology infrastructures

What is safety management about ?



Shaman-X project develops a methodology and a set of products to build high availability systems and disaster tolerant system and to create a reference implementation of an application for crisis management

Data centers and IT infrastructures use protection mechanisms to increase robustness and provide normal operations continuity , even in case of failure on some components. It is still possible that safety technology is not enough, and in this case, critical missions are no longer performed. This can put infrastructure dependent organisations in at-risk situations, and lead to the very unexpected crisis situation.

A set of tools for tailored solutions

product/service continuum

Therefore, Shaman-X project proposes advanced architectures based on versatile techniques which apply in high availablity domain, as well as in heavily degraded situations like disasters, up to crisis management aided systems.

Because of continuity of threats, we propose a continuum of solutions and services for infrastructure safety.
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Shaman-X mehod

Shaman-X methodology drives infrastructure modelling from user requirement standpoint and results in logical equation sets which caracterize infrastructure situation

Shaman-X methodology aims at taking every precaution regarding pertinence of high availability mechanisms and planned failovers, when infrastructure complexity, threats diversity, and system evolution over time to not allow a single personne to keep a global view of the whole.
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Developers' corner for Shaman-X

Project To-do list is available here. Please visit also Savannah project home page and contact the project coordinator to know what's going on.

Shaman-X general documentation

You can dowload Shaman-X project presentations from Salon EuroSec Paris 2004 (French) [Presentation][ Résumé][ Article][ English summary] and from SolutionsLinux Paris 2004 (English) [Presentation]

Shaman-X methodology is still experimental and is not yet well documented. Here are two documents about used modeling concepts validity (in French) : [Note Technique Méthode] and [Note Technique Faisabilité].

Useful links about business continuity

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The Clustering Information Center is the best introduction to clustering technology and products. It is kept efficient and accurate by Joe Greenseid

Business contunuity is the subject of animated by NeverFail group. This site collects information related to backup plans set up. Commercial product presentations and disaster management.

Crisis management of infrastructure crises is the purpose of site du bureau de la protection des infrastructures essentielles et de la protection civile du Canada. Excellent motivation presentation meeting the object of Shaman-X project. English and French



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